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Diffusion of Tourmaline: Joel Arem Comments on Robert James Tuscon Seminar

February 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here we have yet another update on the issue of tourmaline diffusion. This time not from Robert James, or the ISG, but from Joel Arem and Colored Stone Magazine.

One of the most important quotes from this article, I think, is this one:

A word to the wise: it reminded me of the joke about a man whose wife catches him in bed with another woman. After denying adultery, he asks his wife huffily, “What are you going to believe? Your own eyes or the words of your husband?”

The above quote really does toss all the naysayers points/views right out the window, doesn’t it!?

It seems possible that treatments are being carried out by Thai dealers and the resulting gems are being sold without proper disclosure. If this is true, the Thais are not likely to be forthcoming about the details of their process. An understanding of the nature of these treatments is therefore a matter of analysis and deduction. Laboratories around the world are being alerted to the existence of these anomalous gemstones, and research on them is expanding.

One last important quote from the article. Now head on over to Colored Stone magazine and read the entire article and enjoy the images of natural tourmaline as well as diffusion treated tourmaline, NOT supplied by the ISG this time! Proof positive there is some sort of tourmaline treatment happening.

Full article HERE.

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