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Rainbow Calsilica – Fact or Fiction?

March 24th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well. That is a good question. Rainbow Calsilica is it real or not? It is most definitely real as in a real material fashioned into slabs and cabochons.

But the source of this material is man-made without any doubts nor questions!

Both the SSEF and GIA laboratories did extensive and in-depth advanced testing via both RAMAN spectroscopy as well as XRDF spectroscopy. They got the entire chemical breakdown of the material, Rainbow Calsilica. The results were a stew of man-made pigments, paraffin derived polymer , resin, calcite, and other components not “created” together in nature and some not created in nature at all.

The material is concluded to be an artificial sedimentary rock made by man. Do not be fooled by some who are claiming this material to be natural! It is not anywhere close to it! Not sure why the sudden influx with this material again but there has been a lot of market chatter lately about it and again the claims of natural origin sadly. It is a beautiful material and it cuts stunning cabochons but it must be disclosed as a man-made material!

Here is a link to the full Gemological report from the SSEF showing the chemical and compositional makeup of the man-made material Rainbow Calsilica.

SSEF Gemological Report

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