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GemAddicts Gallery Goes Now Live

September 28th, 2009 1 comment

I would like to proudly announce the going live of our gallery of gemstones and gemstone materials. It is not entirely completed but is well on its way and more content will be added as the images get finished. Our goal is to provide an online reference guide for collectors, jewelers, gemologists, etc. of gemstones, jaspers, agates, telltale inclusions for both natural and treated materials, crystals& rough, as well as cut & finished pieces loose and in jewelery. We believe that this would be a very useful tool to double check identifications and the like so correct and better and more thorough IDs can be made. We hope you enjoy the gallery as well as find it a useful tool.

A special thanks goes out to Astynax, because without his contributions and hard work this project would have never come to be! He has spent a lot of time and put forth a lot of effort to bring this project to life and deserves a large kudos from everyone! So please drop by the forums and give him a big thanks for all his hard work!

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AGTA ePrism Sept 16, 2009 Issue

September 25th, 2009 No comments

AGTA ePrism September 16, 2009 issue has been out for a few days but we are running a little behind providing these to you here. As colder weather arrives here in the US, we promise to post these a little more timely.

This issue not only highlights the Spectrum Awards – deadline for entry September 25, 2009 but also includes many interesting articles about the new colors we will see on the ‘Red Carpet’ for 2010. One of MY personal favorites is the article “Blue Chalcedony: The Sky Blue Gemstone in Designer Jewelry”.

Another wonderful article indicates that “Rio Tinto Group, the world’s third-largest mining company, will resume work on a $1.5 billion expansion of its Argyle diamond mine next year….”

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New Colored Stone GemMail just issued!

September 22nd, 2009 No comments

The new Colored Stone GemMail just arrived in subscriber’s mailboxes. Inside is a closer look at the Brazilian Gem Show; A Stellar Mystery Gem and Color-Change Zultanite.  The Brazilian Gem show is always a Star all by itself.  Don’t miss the beautiful photos of color change Zultanite!  Check out the Mystery Gem – a new Star is born.  If you are not currently a subscriber, don’t miss the opportunity to have this delivered to your own mailbox.

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ISG Releases an Article About DSN/Art Garabedian

September 17th, 2009 No comments

Here is a link to the article/press release posted yesterday by Robert James at the ISG. It brings to light some supposed information about DSN/Art Garabedian that could be of serious concern to consumers as well as Industry Vendors. Is this information true and correct? We don’t know, but Robert James sure posted some rather convincing proof to back up his claims!!!! In the meanwhile we will have to sit and wait and see how this plays out! In the meantime we will contact DSN about a possible comment on this press release.


Jewelers Ethics Association Goes Live

September 15th, 2009 No comments

Jewelers Ethics Association Benefits Both Industry and Consumers

Marysville, WA (September 15, 2009) — Recent events regarding non-disclosure of gemstone treatments have eroded consumer confidence in the jewelry and gemstone industry.  The Jewelers Ethics Association (JEA) is a new organization formed to promote and support ethical business practices within the trade by providing information, education and mediation for consumers and the industry.  Membership is open to all members of the trade, as well as consumers, at

“Over the past several years a widening gap has formed between consumers and the trade regarding information and knowledge,”  explains JEA President Lisa Brooks-Pike.  “No medium such as a consumer reporting organization exists for our industry, and there is very little enforcement of the FTC guidelines. We hope to help bridge this gap”.

JEA industry members must agree to do business in accordance with the JEA’s strict Code of Ethics.  They will receive frequent updates regarding the latest advancements in treatments and synthetics, as well as educational tips to help train their employees.  Consumer members will have access to the latest gem and jewelry news and information,as well as a list of JEA member jewelers in their area and online where they can shop with confidence, and dispute resolution, if necessary.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Lisa Brooks-Pike, Please call Sherman Pike at 360-652-0805 or email at

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