Limbo Vendors

October 25th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
This is a list of Vendors and Ebay Sellers who are selling mainly legitamate items, but often with misnomers, wrongful IDs, misleading advertizing, exaggerated Retail and Worth values, etc. We are in NO way recommending these vendors in any, way, shape, or form!!! We just feel that they do not belong in the full fraudulent category as of yet, so we put them here, kind of in limbo between good and bad for now. But, if you do so choose to shop with these Vendors/Sellers, please use extreme caution while doing so, as the item may or may not be what it is listed at, and in no way will it be worth the Retail or any other values listed for it.


This seller is a mixed basket. She seems very nice and considerate, but yet, even after helped, she didn’t bother to change any of her fraudulent listings.  She is still using super inflated Retail values, which is against FTC Guidelines, as well as the laws preventing and against Fraud. She is also selling lab tanzanite, which we all know does NOT exist. This is one seller on the bad list though, that I would actually purchase from, but just with extreme caution, as you may not get what you are actually paying for, and do NOT base any purchases off of listed values on pieces.

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