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Agates and Jaspers

Front Cover of Book

Front Cover of Book

“There are many excellent books currently on the market describing banded agates, but there are few with an emphasis on the other structural varieties. There are virtually no current books with images and descriptions of the wide array of fine jaspers presently available. This book tries to fill that void with 240 pages and over 1000 photos and diagrams describing the structural features of both Agates and Jaspers.

It provides an introduction to their genesis, details of their structural characteristics, and a multitude of macro and micro photographs. It’s a stating-point for some of the current theories of their formation, and contains references to more in-depth studies.

No other variety of material offers so many combinations of patterns and spectral colors. Sit back and now an enjoy the complexity and beauty locked within these stones.” (Taken from the rear cover)

Ron Gibbs, theimage, has brought the Gemological community an excellent book! This book should be a must have for every jeweler, appraiser, store owner, etc. out there; Since it will allow you to identify a large majority of the Agates & Jaspers you will come across. Even to someone savvy with agates and jaspers, ID’ing the insanely large array of them can be at best tedious and at worst just plain undoable! This will be worth its weight in gold due to the amount of time it could save you during the ID of these materials, not to mention possibly a costly mistake of a wrongful ID! At a mere $40 +$4 S&H(media mail rate), it is a steal yet too!

Read more about this wonderful book over at the author’s webpage. While there you will also find the link to purchase it.

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  1. gimmejewels
    May 15th, 2009 at 12:57 | #1

    This is a beautiful book. I received mine within just a couple of days of ordering, and Ron even autographed it for me. The only thing that would make it better would be a hard cover! Well done, Ron.

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