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AGTA ePrism October 7, 2009 edition is out!

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AGTA ePrism October 7, 2009 edition is out. The leading subject is the election of the 2010 Board of Directors. Quoting their article:

“Peter Bazar of Imperial-Deltah, Inc., Sushil Goyal of Liberty Gems, Inc., and Cynthia Renee Zava of Cynthia Renee, Co. were all elected to three-year terms as Directors. These terms will take effect at the 2010 AGTA Membership Meeting at GemFair Tucson….” We at GemAddicts extend our congratulations also.

One quite interesting article is about the “Gem of Tanzania” being revealed as a fake. Another excerpt worth quoting here:

“The ‘Gem of Tanzania’, once valued the key asset of a British construction company, has proved to be little more than an unusual paperweight. Once thought to be one of the most expensive rubies in the world, the 4.6 pound purple rock was listed in the assets of now collapsed Wrekin Construction Company. But after examination by experts on behalf of administrators Ernst & Young, the stone was “not thought to be of sufficient gem quality” to cut…”

Read full issue here

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