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If you wish to get placed onto our Safe Vendors List please use the Submit a Vendor tab on the website and/or join our Forums and apply.

This list is of vendors/sellers we have investigated and reviewed and at that time were following and compliant with the FTC Guidelines.

We do not make any warranties implied or unimplied on the validity of anyone on this list. You are using this list in an as is basis. And it is your responsibility to further check into a seller/vendor prior to doing business with them. GA nor any representative nor user nor owner can be held liable for any issues arising from the use or non-use of the list.

Gems By Jennifer: Your one stop shop for everything gemstone and jewelry. Jen carries loose gemstones of all kinds, with and without treatments. She is a full disclosure vendor. She gives discounts to members of the trade for wholesale/resale purposes. She also carries a full line of your normal everyday found in every store type jewelry as well as custom hand done wire wrapped pieces in jeweler’s brass, copper, German/Alpaca/Mexican/Nickel silver, .925 & .999 Fine silver, 14K RG, 14K GF, 14K, 18K (golds are available in yellow, some in white & rose, and even some in green), and even Platinum, as well as full custom done pieces in sterling, gold, and platinum. She even carries a full line of chainmaille pieces as well, all hand done in all your precious and non-precious metals. She offers full gemological services(appraisals, reports, gemstone identifications, grading, etc.) as well as lapidary services and even photographic(product & fine art) services too. She specializes in Colored Gemstones and Opals from the USA, and all around the world too. If you don’t see it in her online store, just drop her an email and ask! She carries many stones and pieces in stock, and can order anything you desire within a few days to a week. All her stones are Gemologist checked, tested, and approved prior to sale. She has a full gemological laboratory at her disposal including some state of the art equipment, like an Ocean Optics Spectrophotometer 200-850nm range.

Poly-Metric Instruments Inc.: This is a great source for your faceting machines and supplies. Zane Hoffman, the owner, is a wealth of knowledge and a very friendly down to Earth person. He will take excellent care of you, as a customer, without a doubt! He truly knows his trade too! Not to mention he makes some of the best faceting machines around and each one is custom built when you order it! In the end he saved us hundreds of dollars by getting us hooked up with the laps we actually needed, not what we were told elsewhere we needed. And what we ended up with are actually better then the original laps we were going to purchase, and we paid less money for them too!

Lapidary Outlet: Great place for all your lapidary tools, supplies, and needs.

Rocks2Dust: I concentrate on collecting materials from the U.S. (and particularly the western U.S.) and unusual varieties. In many cases I buy direct from miners or dig myself—a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. I occasionally sell pieces from my collections out of sheer necessity. The space in my cases is limited, and when I run out of room, something has to go. I have no enthusiasm for the selling process, as I wouldn’t have bought the pieces in my collection if I didn’t find each of them interesting. But I figure that selling a few extras when things start to overflow just might allow me to continue to feed my addiction by…allowing me to buy more cases!


Custom Gem Cutter: Our brother company is Gemstones By D. Sign

“A Cut Above” Facets: One of our own members, Jim A., Moderator of the Cutting Forums here as well. He is a nice guy, superb cutter, and a down right honest person! Give him a shout!

Gems By Jennifer Ebay

Wildfish Gems

Will Cox’s Ebay Store

Pretty Temptations Ebay Store

Jersey Jools: Drop on over and check out what Heidi has to offer! She does fantastic hand done wire wrap & scuplted pieces, and that is just for starters!

Lexy’s Lovelies: They offer unique sterling Mexican, Native American, other Ethnic/Tribal &
Vintage jewelry.

Batt Laps: Home of the Batt, BattWing, Darkside, BAT5T, and Battsticks. All designed, developed, and owned by Jon Rolfe(known online as Gearloose).

Tiptop Gem: Dave is a fantastic seller dealing in great gemstones at very reasonable prices. Very reputable and stand up seller! You can not go wrong!

Motley Jewels: We originally started out in 2008 as Scott’s Gem and Gift – a small outfit based in Wilson’s Mills, NC  selling giftware and jewelry online, at home shows, and weekly at the Raleigh Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. We have since moved to scenic
Binghamton, NY and reopened as Motley Jewels doing both retail and wholesale business. One of our own members, crystaldigger .

Western Gem: A great source for cutting rough, finished gemstones, Raytech-Shaw faceting machines, and custom faceting. Pete & Leslie, Pete is our very own “Ruffysdad“.

ACS: This site belongs to ISG’s own Barry Bridgestock. He subscribes to the same high ethics we have here.

Lyresa: Many of you know her as “Squeaky”. She attended the ISG and is a very knowledgable seller with extremely high ethics and believes in full disclosure! Some of her work is very unique and uses materials many would not even think of using. She doesn’t have a website yet and doesn’t sell on Ebay, but you can find her works of art in GemAddicts’ very own For Sale Forum, so check her products out, you may just find that unique piece you have always been looking for!

GemstoneBeadOdyssey: Your perfect source for gemstones beads! This seller goes well above and beyond what most bead sources do, by examining all of their products so they can disclose any and all treatments!!! This is virtually unheard of with bead vendors! But, GemstoneBeadOdyssey goes that extra mile and follows the FTC & AGTA guidelines to the max! So, you can feel safe buying your gemstone beads from this seller!

Hummingbird Stones: A great and safe source for all your opal needs.

The Witkam Collection: This is our current (And constantly improving!) presence on the web of the Witkam Collection of minerals and gems.

AmericanThai: They sell on eBay and on their website. ICA members.

CustomCutGems: Lisa Elser is a gemcutter trained in Switzerland and living in the Vancouver, BC area. Extremely knowledgeable and an amazing cutter.

CabStarPro: Ergonomically Shaped Dop sticks designed to be used with CA instant glues (Super glue). I personally need to make note of these as well as I am the proud owner of 1.5 sets and soon to be 2.5 sets, lol. These dop sticks are simply amazing! The ergonomics of the grip is superb and allows far more cutting/polishing to be done before your hands giving out on you from getting tired. I have a disease called RSD through my entire body and these sticks allowed me to start cabbing again on an almost daily basis, where as prior I was lucky if I could get 2-3 cabs per week cut, if that many, to be truthful. These dops also hold amazingly well, especially with Gorilla Super Glue and release super easily as well by simply placing 2-3 drops of SuperSolvent in each solvent hole. “They are a bit pricey”, I know this is what is going through your mind! It went through mine as well and is why I only ordered a half set to start with, but after the first use ordered a full set days later. These dops are worth every penny just in the amount of time saved dopping and un-dopping stones, let alone the extra time cabbing, not to mention no more hand/wrist cramping nor aching nor anything of the such. Give them a try, seriously. You will not be disappointed!


Lee’s gems

May’s Jewelry

May’s jewelry Ebay

Rainforest Academy: Hi, kirk here; I’m an almost-retired jewelry-designer, lapidary and metal-smith who can’t stop designing/fabricating because of my passion for it… BUT I have had the opportunity to work with local indigenous people providing health services with a non-profit organization: AND SO, now am able to also teach some jewelry making protocols to them; they mine amber and opal as well as planting coffee. They work hard and are happy to learn new methods for marketing their minerals. All of our gems are 100% natural with NO treatment or enhancement and are available at LOWEST importer’s-wholesale prices-PLEASE EMAIL or call me: for prices or detailed information not shown. I DO have more material in all categories.


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