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ALERT: Solaris Sunstone™, Seen This Gemstone Before!?

August 23rd, 2009 1 comment

Solaris Sunstone™

I figured this is a very important situation to touch base on right now before anyone jumps in without thinking!! I would refrain from purchasing any of this material currently! There is NO proof that this material is not just the same duck as Ande-Lab dressed up with a nice new name/title! I find this slightly suspicious, to say the least, that not so long after the AGTA made their Public Announcement about:

With consumer and buyer protection in mind, the AGTA will now require its members who sell or consign any red andesine-labradorite to disclose it as diffused material, and indicate this either in plain language or by use of the industry accepted code, “U”, for diffusion*. If it can be determined that the material is natural, as in the case of particular Oregon material; then it may be disclosed as untreated.

Then suddenly a new material in the form of yet another red feldspar(which, factually to date, only naturally occurs in Oregon and NOWHERE else on the planet), looking an awfully like the Scamdesine of the past, but this time it is instead called a Sunstone! By calling it a Sunstone they actually bypass the AGTA Press Release mentioned above, if this material is indeed the same Frankenstone as before! If it is not, then why no massive news broadcast and hype that a new stone was found, like what would happen with any other legit, or even not so legit, finds!!!?? Why all hush hush and just suddenly be pushing all over the TV Shows and certain other well known Vendors’ websites as being a new stone and new find and, worst of all, that it is completely natural with no treatments!!!???? After all the news hype and legal hype that took place over the Scamdesine issue and no other red material being in existence naturally outside of Oregon, this should have been big time news, not a silent release under the radar, unless there truly is something to hide!?

And why price tags close to US$1000 from these US Sellers & Companies when Chinese wholesalers are posting same exact rings and stones for under US$30!!! The trade has some great mark-ups, no doubt folks, but come on, that is very unrealistic!

No any facts to help? Please post them! Any ideas? Post them! We need to get to the bottom of this one before it does any damage! And if it turns out to be legit, I doubt, I want to find as much info as possible since one of my personal favorites are any stones belonging to the Feldspar families of gemstones and minerals!

Justice for Campbell Bridges

August 16th, 2009 No comments

Campbell Bridges, the man who discovered Tsavorite garnet, was recently murdered, reportedly by claim jumpers near his mine in Africa.

Because supporters of Campbell are concerned that the authorities may not vigorously pursue the perpetrators of this heinous act, a petition has been created calling for official action. You can check out and sign the petition at:

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