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Tanzanite and Other Gemstones Enhacned by Being Set with Colored Glues!

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Originally it was posted in the Aug. 3 edition of GIA’s Gems & Gemology. It was discovered that some jewelry pieces that had been purchased from one of the TV shows, name not known, had the tanzanite and amethyst glued into the bezel settings with colored adhesive/glue. It was stated that there was a noticeable color lightening once the glue was removed, especially in the amethyst.

Upon inspecting a 1.87-carat tanzanite submitted by the goldsmith, the GIA laboratory team found that a purple-colored flexible adhesive was visible on some of the crown facets, particularly at the corners. After it was removed, the color of the tanzanite appeared “very slightly lighter,” the eBrief said.


What are to expect now? Once again it shows that these TV show home jewelry network shopping shows are misleading consumers and ripping them off! Why has the Government not either forced them to comply with existing FTC Guidelines, as well as laws preventing against fraud and theft, or shut them down and brought them up on charges!!!?? Mistakes do happen, this is a given! But when these so called mistakes start piling up on a regular basis and are simple things that a trained Gemologist should be noticing if they are properly examining their products, it is a bit more then a mistake!

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