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Zirconmania launches Diamond-Veneer, a diamond-coated CZ

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Los Angeles–Zirconmania, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in cubic zirconia (CZ) jewelry, has launched a line of specially coated CZ called Diamond Veneer.

The patent pending nanocrystalline diamond coating process is used to create Diamond-Veneer – the world’s only true duplicate looking of a gem diamond. It is virtually impossible to visually identify Diamond-Veneer as anything but a diamond. The only way to positively identify Diamond-Veneer is by its weight, hardness and chemical component. The index of refraction and dispersion of Cubic Zirconia get modified as a result of the Nanocrystalline Diamond Coating Treatment.

The Nanocrystalline Diamond Coating process is the subject of a pending patent in the area of treatment of utility and/or decorative objects with thin film nanocrystalline diamond for the purpose of improving optical and physical properties of materials.

Diamond-Veneer is created by employing a multistep treatment process which involves the application of nanocrystalline diamond particles of size below 50 nm uniformly on all cut surfaces of premium grade white Zirconite cubic zirconia, utilizing proprietary nanodiamond technology. Each Nanodiamond particle is pure diamond with all its optical and physical properties.

This could create a mess for ID’ing natural diamonds for those relying strictly on diamond testers. Apparently the only sure fire way is via weight, hardness, and chemical makeup.  Of course this information is from the Company’s press release, so it may not be exactly true, time will tell.

Read the Full Article HERE.

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