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Reconstituted Larimar Now On The Market

November 21st, 2008 No comments

Pleae be aware that there is reconstituted Larimar being sold on the market now. Some selling it for what it is and others selling it as natural Larimar, sadly.

Welcome to

November 18th, 2008 No comments

Welcome to Our goal is to help consumers, collectors, and even other professionals with gemstones, gemology, lapidary, and jewelry questions. We are also here to provide a list of vendors that are safe to shop with as well as a list of those not safe to shop with. We even review and include Ebay vendors too! We are here to mainly help you, the consumer, become better educated about gemstones and jewelry and protect your interests when we can. We are also here to help Professionals become full disclosure vendors, meaning strict adherence to the FTC Guidelines, as this not only benefits you but also protects the consumer as well. We are a group of Professionals, collectors, rock & mineral folks, Gemologists, Lapidarists, metal smiths, wire artists, beaders, etc. that have all gathered together to do our best to help educate anyone and everyone about gemstones, rocks, minerals, and jewelry. Please visit our Forums and join the community.